Saturday, 30 April 2016

30th April 2016

Today the watering cans are on the surface, ready to be refilled.  One has disinfectant to swill the spending area, the other has water to swill that so the dogs can walk on it safely.

The photo was taken just before breakfast - which accounts for the pleading look on the dogs' faces!

Twiglet is a Guide Dog Puppy so she has to learn to spend in a small area, because her owner won't be able to see where she goes!  It's much easier to clean up too.  I wish I had taught Tatze (black dog) to use it.  The lawn has too many yellow patches where her wee has burnt the grass, so I now take her down to the green for her wees - she will not use Twiglet's spending area.

The book on the breakfast bar is 'Labrador' by Ben Fogle - a good read, very emotional in places.

Bright sunshine - but cold, 5 degrees outside.

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